Singing Lessons in London and Belgium

Ann became associate teacher of David Jones in 2002 and teaches the concepts of the Swedish/Italian School of Singing as developed by David Jones at her London Voice Studio to both professionals and beginners. She also regularly teaches in Belgium and abroad via Skype or Zoom.

Working Together

Are you preparing for an audition? Do you have questions about your voice type or vocal technique?  Want to extend your vocal range and ease of singing? Experiencing health problems that have affected your voice?
We can work together to explore your options and increase your confidence in your voice.

Ann De Renais master classes


The effect of temporomandibular jaw (TMJ) tension on singing, causes and remedial approach

Saturday, 24th November 2018
Doors open 2:30pm
Start 3pm - 6pm
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Photography: Ray Burmiston

How does a voice lesson work?

  • We start with a series of exercises to warm up the voice to increase awareness of the use of the body as a musical sound-producing instrument.
  • Posture, breath support, vocal chord closure, vowel production and pronunciation are addressed.
  • At any time questions you may have about the exercises can be asked. I explain how and why the exercises work for you.
  • Then we continue with repertoire during which we apply the newly acquired vocal sensations.

Feel free to record the lesson, so you can continue your daily practice at home without losing time in writing the exercises down. Listening back to your lesson also allows you to develop your auditive awareness. This increases your investment in your vocal development.

When sheet music is provided, I can accompany on the piano, but you are welcome to bring your own accompanist or CD's.

David Jones

Masterclasses and Teacher Training

Since 2002 Ann has organised vocal masterclasses for David Jones in London and Cambridge. These events are open to the public.

If you would like to find out more about Maestro David Jones and read articles about the Swedish/Italian School of Singing, please visit www.voiceteacher.com

Ann gives vocal master classes and trains singing teachers in the Swedish-Italian School of Singing Technique.

You can sign up for both via the mailing list here.

In case you don't feel like singing yourself, you may still be interested to find out how a person develops their vocal potential and get answers to how the voice works. This takes place in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.


David Jones CD

Instructional CD: A First Lesson with David Jones

Ann is the soprano voice on his CD ‘A First Lesson with David Jones’ which has sold over 100 000 copies world-wide and helps both singers of all levels of proficiency as well as teachers.

If you would like to find out more about Maestro David Jones and read articles about the Swedish/Italian School of Singing, please visit www.voiceteacher.com

David writes daily posts about singing technique on Facebook.

Brief biography of Alan Lindquest (pdf)
Swedish/Italian School of Singing - lineage (pdf) and Teachers (pdf)

A modern guide to old world singing | David Jones

A Modern Guide to Old World Singing: Concepts of the Swedish-Italian and Italian Singing Schools

This book is a vocal pedagogy document which includes Old World concepts as taught in the Old Swedish-Italian and Italian Singing Schools. It includes in-depth descriptions of concepts used in establishing healthy vocal technique, including vocal exercises used over the last 100 years. David L. Jones is an international vocal pedagogue who offers master classes at universities and conservatories. He also teaches teacher training seminars internationally, using the concepts of the Swedish-Italian and Italian Schools. The book is designed to be both a text book and a friendly user's manual, using simple language to explain Old World vocal training.